Part of me learning to put my oxygen mask on first (aka take care of myself before others), was making my health a priority. In other words, no more eating the leftovers from my toddlers plate and consider it a meal. Can you relate?

I wasn’t looking for meal replacements, but rather a way to properly fuel my body with nutrients. I had tried celery juice, bottled green juices and even attempted juicing for a bit but it was a mess and my time was limited. 

Enter Organifi

A fellow mommy friend introduced me onto Organifi and how it was giving her so much energy, but also fueling her body with amazing superfoods. So I gave it a try and much to my surprise, I got hooked.

So what is Organifi?
Organifi is a line of organic superfood blends that offer plant-based nutrition with high quality
ingredients and less than 3g of sugar. Umm yes please.

The best part? It’s toddler approved (according to my 2.5yo) and the bonus of that is he’s getting high quality superfoods in his diet without a fuss.

My favorites

green juice

Balances your body with 11 powerful superfoods, supports healthy weight management, lowers
cortisol levels.

Great for “juicing” on the go, adding to smoothies, or baking.

red juice

Using 9 potent superfoods, the Red Juice provides your afternoon caffeine-free boost, for lasting natural energy. Also promotes performance and endurance!

Great for an afternoon pick-me-up and/or as a pre-workout drink.


Enhances cognitive function for heightened learning, memory, and confidence with all-natural Superfoods. 

Great for focus, mental clarity and improving gut health.

All Organifi products are:
USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, 100% Organic Whole-Food


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