Hey Mama!

I'm Megan.

I help mamas, like you, sit in and move through the messiness of postpartum to bring them to a place of full empowerment by using a combination of powerful learnings and techniques to connect them back to their luminous self. 

Together, using neuroscience, we will say goodbye to these negative habits and self-talk that keeps you stuck and currently control your actions and thoughts. I don’t do cookie cutters, so get ready to take control and transform your life in magical, empowered ways that you’ve never experienced before.

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You are a mama who feels overwhelmed and wears a million different hats on the daily.

You have your own dreams & goals, but they are likely on the back burner.

You constantly pour into others and give yourself the leftovers.

You strongly desire to create a swoon-worthy life, but your currently just trying to keep you head above water.

You envy the insta-perfect mom bloggers who appear to have it altogether, while you stare at the piles of laundry waiting to be folded, with your kid(s) crying in the background.

You have found yourself locked in the closet or bathroom crying because you feel like you can barely make it through the day, let alone begin to think about your swoon-worthy life.

You feeling like you’re running on empty, and maybe feel as though you are letting everyone around you down due to your own expectations.

And because you feel this way, you are likely not pouring into yourself or giving yourself the self care and love you deserve.

Let Me Guess...

You want to feel confident in yourself. 

You want to feel put together and empowered.

You want to be able to indulge in self-care without feeling guilty or selfish.

You want to have healthy boundaries and a healthy home and life balance.

I’ve been there, mama and while it feels like it’s an impossible trench to dig out of it’s totally possible. Let’s get you back on track by sifting through your current reality, clearing out all the energy leaks that currently have you stuck in this shitty cycle of overwhelm, and then together, we’ll elicit your desired reality.  

I'm here to hold space for and help you overcome, what feels like, the never ending motherhood cycle of chaos, that is typically sprinkled with some negative self-talk (aka itty bitty shitty committee) and negative habits or patterns that you have been holding onto. All of which are ultimately standing in the way of your ideal life, impact and the income that you deserve.



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Are you ready to live an empowered postpartum life?

She ended up helping me reconnect back to who I am truly here to serve and helped me own a new sense of my identity.

A couple of weeks ago I got on a call  with the beautiful Megan Rudden. She ended up helping me reconnect back to who I am truly here to serve and helped me own a new sense of my identity. I felt so seen, heard and understood! I had felt a bit disconnected from my work for a while because I wasn’t allowing myself to own who I am now in this season of life — a MOM! And my desire is to continue helping women + mothers to have both a successful business and raise her babies in a way that supports her vision, her values and her priorities in life. Healing the god awful amount of shame, guilt and pressure we hold trying to BE it all and DO it all.


Autumn B.