Hey pretty mama!

My name is Megan Rudden, and I’m a mama with an incredibly big vision…


As a mama or mom-to-be (congratulations!), we are living in a time where expectations, be it our own or those of others, are at an all time high. And if we’re being honest here, adjusting to motherhood isn’t all rainbows and butterflies like the movies tend to portray. Rather, it can catch you off-guard and leave you feeling an array of emotions that you weren’t prepared to feel. None of those emotions are wrong, in fact, they’re very normal but they’re not your new norm.

I’m here to help you approach postpartum and motherhood with intention -- owning and trusting your maternal magic!

You are worthy of being you while also being a luminous mama and [insert your other titles here]. Because after all, you are pure magic!

As an Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner, and as a Life & Success coach, I only wish I had known about these techniques while I struggled silently through postpartum for eight (8) months prior to seeking help. Had I been equipped with these tools, as well as educated and knowledgable about what to expect postpartum, it would have been a much different journey, but it also wouldn’t have led me to you. So for that, I’m grateful for my not so luminous postpartum journey.

Being crowned the title “mom” doesn’t
change your core identity.

A little more about me…

about megan

It wasn’t long ago that I was so incredibly lost and overwhelmed in the trenches of this whole mama-hood gig that I didn’t know up from down, let alone how to get the hell off the hamster wheel that kept me stuck. 

Did I have the perfect vision of what motherhood looked like for me? Le duh! And it was covered in rainbows and butterflies and everything pretty that sparkles. Helloooo unrealistic expectations.

Was I prepared for motherhood? 

Hell No.

During pregnancy, everyone was asking about our birth plan, the sex of the baby (we waited to find out at birth), the babys chosen name, and all the questions you can think of related to baby, so of course I thought I was prepared. We even went to the birthing class that taught us how to swaddle and change a diaper.

[pats self on back] 

After all, I had checked all the boxes of things to prepare for according to social standards and all the pregnancy books out there.

Yet not a single person asked about what our plan was for when the baby arrived. Why would they? You give birth to a baby, go home and life as we know it goes on, right? WRONG (at least to an extent).

Of course hindsight is 20/20 and it took me almost 2.5yrs post-birth to realize how backwards and messed up that is.

When a baby is born, a mother is also (re)born.


However and more often than I’d like to admit, when the baby arrives the focus remains on... you guessed it...the baby. What about the mom? Dads and partners too but I’m looking at you, mama!

That’s where I come in--

...to change not only how we navigate postpartum but how we approach and prepare for the ocean of emotion that unknowingly (until now) blindside us.

It’s time to lift the cloud of shame, maybe guilt and/or even embarrassment that surrounds the fourth trimester, its storm of emotions, and the itty bitty shitty committee that sets up shop in minds.

While each of our postpartum journeys is different and felt at various degrees, we all share the commonality of desiring to be the best damn vibrant mamas to our little(s).

And you CAN BE because you are so damn worthy!

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Are you ready to live an empowered postpartum life?

"As a mom who experienced severe PPD and anxiety twice - I wish I’d had this plan to prepare before I had my kids."



Kristen W.